What Brings Your PC Here

One of the most important ways that you can prepare for this adventure is to think about why your character wants to speak with Lady Saharel. All the folklore behind the ghost sorceress tells the same tale: Saharel answers any question put to her, but those who seek her often do so in vain.

Many come to Spellgard hoping to ask questions such as “How can I become wealthy?” or “How can I amass great power?” Nothing prevents these individuals from doing so. However, Lady Saharel appears so infrequently that those hoping only for material gain rarely stick it out in the ruins for long. Prophetic wisdom from Lady Saharel might indeed be a fast path to wealth and power—but only if one doesn’t consider the time and risk involved in the search for her ghostly presence. The monster-infested landscape of the Fallen Lands has a way of making other get-rich-quick schemes look more promising by comparison.

Those who make their way to the Monastery of the Precipice and persevere in their search through the ruins of Spellgard are often driven by deeper questions. If you want such goals to push your character toward Spellgard, here are some possibilities.

If certain elements of a character’s backstory have not been fleshed out yet, consider making that situation into a full-fledged mystery ripe for prophetic insight. Such a character might seek the answer to one or more of these questions.

  • Who are my real parents?
  • What happened to my missing relative?
  • What is the source of the feud between two people close to me?
  • How can I reconcile with a particular family member?
  • Why does a particular family member behave a certain way?
  • What happened to our ancestral lands?
  • What is the secret that a particular family member refuses to share?

Every player character is an adventurer destined to become a legend—or to die in the attempt. A certain PC might wonder what path offers the best chance of an illustrious (and hopefully long) life.

  • What will be the greatest obstacle to my success?
  • What will happen to my archrival?
  • What will be my greatest achievement?
  • Will I achieve a particular goal?
  • How can I find the perfect spouse?
  • Will I start a family?
  • How long will I live?
  • How will I die?

As characters advance in level, more and more class and feat options present themselves. Choosing the best options can be a daunting task; as such, one or more PCs might want answers to questions such as these.

  • What training or vocation should I undertake?
  • How do I set out to follow a particular paragon path?
  • How can I convince a particular mentor to tutor me?

The Campaign
The FORGOTTEN REALMS setting is a world of ageless intrigue and turmoil. In such a world, information is power. Even though the characters undertaking this adventure are relatively young and inexperienced, one or more of them might seek knowledge of great import.

  • Where can a particular item (a sword, an ancient grimoire, and so on) be found?
  • What is a particular archvillain’s greatest weakness?
  • What organization or force is behind certain mysterious events?
  • What is the greatest threat to a certain community?
  • What will happen when a specific nonplayer character dies?
  • What is the answer to a particular NPC’s riddle?
  • How can I destroy a particular organization or foe?

Playing against the Grain
A character can come to Spellgard for reasons other than seeking an audience with Lady Saharel. He might be in search of lore or treasure from one of Low Netheril’s most famous fortresses. Perhaps he is acting as a bodyguard for a friend or patron in search of prophetic guidance. He might have business—sinister or otherwise—with another seeker.

Make Questions Known
A character might prefer to keep his planned question for Lady Saharel a secret. Certainly, over the years the monastery has played host to more than a few mysterious strangers keeping their own counsel. However, I strongly encourage you to share your questions with me. Although the you might be less than optimistic regarding your chances of gaining an audience with Lady Saharel, you likely realize (because your engaging in this adventure) that such a meeting is well within the realm of possibility. Because your question might be far-reaching—perhaps even glimpsing into the future — you will receive a more interesting answer from the Sorceress of Spellgard if I have foreknowledge of his question (and thus time to prepare an appropriate reply).

What Brings Your PC Here

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