Spellgard Spellgard (formerly known as Saharelgard) is the ruin of an ancient castle complex dating from the Netherese Empire located on a rocky ridge, northeast of Llorkh, where the southern edge of The Fallen Lands meets the eastern edge of the former Anauroch desert.

Spellgard was once ruled by Lady Saharel, a high mage of ancient Netheril. At its apogee, Saharelgard was a rich storehouse of wealth, mighty magic, as well as luxurious dress, decoration, furnishings, and food.

The vast piles of rubble that comprise Spellgard today give little hint of what the fortress might have looked like in the days of Netheril. However, wide paths still connect many of the locations within the ruins, and a small number of buildings—notably the Scepter Tower—remain intact and structurally sound.

Area Map
Spellgard map


(Forgotten Realms) Scepter Tower of Spellgard orbweaver82