Lady Saharel

Pic lady saharel In life, Lady Saharel was known as the Sorceress of Saharelgard (Spellgard’s ancient name). She survived the collapse of Netheril by becoming a lich, and for centuries thereafter she lived in the ruins of her former home. She aided Elminster of Shadowdale in his battles against Manshoon during the Time of Troubles, and answered questions on the subject of ancient Netheril for any traveler who would rebuild part of her fallen fortress.

During and after the events of the Spellplague, Lady Saharel has become more distant and more powerful. She appears only rarely, but when she does, it is for a specific purpose: to answer a single question posed by a mortal who has sought her within the Spellgard ruins.

Lady Saharel’s knowledge is great. She has answered questions concerning the distant past, events of the present in far-off lands, and what the future holds. She also answers questions regarding the secret motivations of others. She is not infallible, however. The future in particular remains malleable despite prophecy’s attempts to constrain it. Regardless, her answers are uncannily accurate.

The spirit of Lady Saharel reveals herself only rarely, however, and no one knows how to entice her to appear. As a result, most prophecy-seekers end up wandering the ruins, trying to rebuild some part of Spellgard in the hope that their labors might win Saharel’s favor.

Lady Saharel

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