(Forgotten Realms) Scepter Tower of Spellgard

The Ramparts

It has been a dark and dreary business clearing the ramparts of ruined Netheril of the vile vermin and undead spawn inhabiting the dank and filthy hallways and chambers. The wererat clan has been all but irradicated, with a handfull fleeing with their lives to perhaps cause mischief elsewhere. A Goblin Hexer aligned with the rats and commanding a contingent of animated guardians, proved to be the final obstacle before the party prepared to enter the forbidding catacombs they hope will lead them to the Tower now controled by a menacing presence. After a short return to the Abbey to stow treasure, trade information with locals and travellers and purchase further supplies the party returned to the Ramparts and descended into the tombs of those long past, first entering a burial chamber where honored servants were once laid to rest centuries before looters came calling and disturbed their long sleep. Some other force though, has animated these long dead remains and the party faced a tenacious skeletal warrior that was finally defeated in a dangerous explosion of bone shrapnel. Large bats also attacked from the high, moss draped ceiling before all were killed or fled toward the surface. As if to spite the adventurers in the moment of victory a final trap left bloody wounds and punturered armor when a gate sprang open to pin a member of the party to the worn stone wall until the combined strength of the group broke it free from its hinges.
What horrors and unforeseen traps lurk in these deep catacombs and will the adventurers be successful in their quest for the Lady Saharel… Or will they find their own place of final rest beneath the runes of Lost Netheril.



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