(Forgotten Realms) Scepter Tower of Spellgard

Decisions and speaking to the Spirits.

I stared into the Dragonborn’s eyes as she gave her oath, searching for signs of deception and found only sincerity and a furious conscience. At that moment, I made a decision. “The mountain does not begrudge the avalanche, rivers or relentless wind but wears the scars of their passing with acceptance and pride. I accept your oath and commend your conscience. You will likely find forgiveness from me will come easier than forgiveness from yourself.” I then spit in my palm and held out my hand to shake in aggreement, “May Blood Cousin approve our pact, we will fight together as family and protect one another.” Then with a genuine smile spreading accross my face, “though I will try to give you more breathing room in the future my friend!” A few minutes later, feeling a strong sense of fulfillment from my discussion with Althaea, I stood alone in a corner surveying the party. Menna and I had struck a quick bond, being from the same area, and the Genasi had shown an unusual understanding of Dwarven nature and society having spent much time among my people. Now I had forged a bond with Althaea and was feeling a strong sense of peace from the decision I made while speaking with her. It had been a long time since I had decided to trust those outside my immediate family. Trust came difficult for most Dwarves, having lost so much over the passing decades. After many days of growing uncertainty, I finally felt quiet inside, as if the spirits around me approved of my decision to trust the members of our party, as unusual as they were. Though some would be harder to trust than others I thought, looking across the room at the Drow who walked most often in a pool of shifting shadows. The younger Drow did not seem so ominous though he often appeared troubled by his own thoughts; but both were preceeded by their people’s reputation. I repeated a quick series of requests to Blood Cousin and the World Serpent for guidance and protection, then added one for Fate Weaver that her children may find their place and support the party. Looking over at the corpses of the Wererats, I couldn’t help but think we would all be needed to play our part if any of us were to survive or have a hope of finding Lady Saharel.



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